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A popular Vietnamese restaurant featuring all the normal Vietnamese standbys, pho/rice noodle bowls, soups, spring rolls, curries and stir frys. If you enjoy spicy food, their satay soups are very good. Reservations are recommended for any of their locations for the lunch or supper hours.


  • Saigon Y2K Downtown
    310 Centre Street South
    (403) 265-3035
  • Saigon Y2K University/Brentwood
    2110 Crowchild Trail Northwest (across from McMahon Stadium)
    (403) 282-2553 [closed on mondays]
  • Saigon Y2K Macleod Trail
    6700 Macleod Trail Southeast
    (SE corner of Macleod and Glenmore Interchange, by Spence Diamonds)
    (403) 663-9778

Hours of Operation[]

Based on their downtown hours, 11am - 8pm daily. Closed on Sundays and holidays. Hours may vary by location.

The University location closes at 8:30pm on Sundays.