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From April 1st-3rd and 6th-9th, 2005, Morpheus Theatre presented the Gilbert and Sullivan musical Iolanthe at the Pumphouse Theatre. Evening performances started at 7:30pm and the Saturday matinees started at 2:00pm.

Tickets were $14/adult and $12/student & senior.

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  • This production of Iolanthe is well worth seeing. The chorus, often the weak point in amateur productions such as this one, is very strong. The fluttering effect achieved by the fairies was particularly notable. The principals, major and minor, also do an excellent job of putting across Sullivan's music and Gilbert's words and humour. The result was a very strong performance by the company as a whole. It was also a pleasure to discover that this production featured a small orchestra in addition to the keyboard accompaniment of previous productions by this company. This generally makes a considerable improvement to a G&S show, as it did in this case. Some changes have been made to the script to add Calgarian or Canadian topical references. This has been well done but not overdone and was very much liked by the audience. However a few songs have been dropped from the production, including Blue Blood and The House of Peers. None of them are important to the plot and the House of Peers in particular would have been difficult to fit in with the Canadian emphasis introduced by this production. To summarise, this is the best amateur production of Iolanthe which this reviewer has seen and certainly compares favourably to previous G&S productions by Morpheus. -- Derek Ross