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Crowfoot Crossing is an outdoor mall in the northwest. It is a popular destination in the NorthWest, so expect it to be quite busy. Popular stop for groceries on the way home from work, or a place to go and socialize over a drink at some of the restaurants and pubs before catching movie at the theater.

Some of the different businesses in the Crowfoot Center are:

Fastfood: McDonald's, Burgerking, Wendy's, A&W, Joey's Only, KFC
Restaurants: Joey's, Brewsters, Sakana Grill, Montana's, Tony Roma's
Grocery Stores: Safeway, CoOp
Electronics: SoundsAround, Visions, CompuSmart
Bars/Pubs: Schanks, Rips
Other mentionables: Rona, Chapters, Cineplex Crowfoot Theater, Blockbuster, Petland

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